NTE Energy is planning to build a natural gas / diesel power plant in Killingly. They have proposed to build it on land between a farm, a protected land trust and private homes in an area that is zoned residential. The properties planned for this plant are within 3/4 mile from the Killingly Intermediate School property, just over 3/4 mile of the Goodyear Early Childhood, and just over 1 1/2 miles from Killingly Central School and Killingly High School. The properties are also just over 1/4 of a mile from Alexander’s Lake. With the existing Lake Road Generating power plant and Frito Lay’s own power plant a little over a mile from the proposed site we must ask ourselves some really great questions.

What benefit(s) would bringing another power plant into Killingly carry with it that would outweigh the negative effects of the plant?  What effect would the power plant have on the environment / wildlife?  How will the added pollution affect those living & working closest to it as well as all the other residents in Killingly and surrounding areas?  How will the pollution affect our children who attend school nearby?  Where will the hundreds of thousands of gallons of water they require come from?  Where will the waste water go?

Killingly’s sewer plant is very out-dated.  The town is already planning on spending $25 Million to upgrade our failing sewer system – a rotted board caused a recent spill at the sewer plant.  Other things we need to consider are how the power plant will affect our taxes.  The value of homes in the area will fall which will cost the town tax revenue.  This could cause the town to raise the tax rate forcing those in town not affected by lower property values to have to pay more taxes to make up for the lost revenue.  How much will the town have to spend in order for this project to be completed?

Another concern would be safety.  Considering what happened in Middletown, CT recently this power plant could bring with it unforeseen problems.  For those unaware, during construction of a natural gas power plant (similar to this proposed plant) there was a tremendous explosion which killed 6 people and injured 50 others.  The plant suffered substantial damage and dozens of homes in the area suffered structural damage from the blast which was reported to have been felt all the way to the southern Connecticut shoreline.  This leads me to ask an additional few important questions….. How much trust can we have in a company that has yet to complete any of their power plant projects?  Some of their actions thus far could lead one to believe that they are trying to deceive us- for example they blatantly lied in the hand outs at the May 4th meeting.  Another very valid question is WHY fossil fuels (which are a dying breed) and WHY not renewable energy?  How does NTE Energy come to the decision that making a profit themselves and their contractors (who most assuredly will be mostly from out of this area) is more important than our children’s and our own health and environment?



  1. NTE will give a presentation to the general public on July 11 at 7 p.m. at Killingly High School, and another to the Town Council and Planning and Zoning Commission on July 19 at 7 p.m. at Killingly High School.


  2. This campaign should include surrounding towns as well. Based on the apparent location of the proposed power plant, it would be in close proximity to the town of Pomfret. Can Pomfret residents attend the meetings?


    1. We would like to make you away of a few upcoming meetings. On October 19th at 7:00pm there is a public meeting at the Killingly High School in the auditorium. NTE will be presenting information about their proposed power plant and also answering questions that the public has about this proposed project. There is Connecticut Siting Council Public Comment Hearing Session on October 20th @ 6:30pm (sign up to speak starts at 6:00pm). This will also be held in the KHS auditorium. Everyone from Killingly and surrounding towns is encouraged to attend and participate at both meeting. Thank you for your support. NAPP


  3. In the name of progress and profit, the public will be lied to by another major Corporation. These facilities are health hazard and carry the risk for catastrophic events including an open door to terrorism. The import of outside workers and the temporary jobs are not an investment to our community. And look what happens to these plants when they get old, out of date and then eventually abandoned.
    My advise to our communities is to fight this plant from becoming reality. Say no!


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