We would like to thank all the residents and town officials from Killingly and the surrounding towns who have joined our fight and spoken out against the proposed power plant project.  We also like to thank State Senator Mae Flexer along with State Representatives Daniel Rovero and Christine Randall for their involvement in this process and also for encouraging everyone who would be affected by this proposed power plant to speak out and have their voices heard.  Also a special thank you is extended to the Thomson Board of Selectmen and also the Pomfret Conservation Commission for their opposition to this proposal.  As residents of Northeastern Connecticut we need to band together to protect our communities, our health, our environment and especially our valuable resources.

There are two things we are asking for everyone who is opposed to the plant to do.

First, Windham County has the highest Child Asthma rate in Connecticut (it is over 2 times the national average) and Windham County also has had the highest Lung Cancer rate among women over the past five years in Connecticut.  We need you to email the Environmental Justice Program at CTDEEP asking them to find the causes of these two health crises and find solutions to reduce this rates before even considering to approve the proposed Killingly Energy Center or any other pollution generating facility which could only make our health problems worse.  You can use the following link to send the email:  mailto:edith.pestana@ct.gov  or  copy and paste the following email address:  edith.pestana@ct.gov  or you can mail the letter to the following address:  
Edith Pestana, MPH
Environmental Justice Program
Office of Commissioner
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106-5127

We have a pre-written letter that you can use here:  https://notanotherpowerplant.com/letter-to-environmental-justice/

Second, if you haven’t already, we would like you to sign the online petition started by State Senator Mae Flexer along with State Representatives Daniel Rovero and Christine Randall found here:  http://senatedems.ct.gov/NTEEnergy.php


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