Local elections typically don’t draw the media coverage or the voter turn-out that State and Federal elections do but they should.  The candidates who are elected to represent you at the local level can have a greater direct impact on you than those who represent you at the State and Federal level.  With that being said we encourage everyone not just here in Killingly but in every town that is voting for their local officials to get out and vote.  We also ask that you consider each candidates’ positions on issue that matter the most to you when selecting who you want to represent you.  At a local level which party the candidates affiliate with shouldn’t matter since party politics have no place when deciding what is best for YOUR  town.  Let your voice be heard not only today at the polls but keep in contact with ALL the candidates who win to let them know where you stand on issues and how you feel they are performing their duties as a representative of you.  Remember their job is to represent US.


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