It has been said that there is strength in numbers, and I completely agree. It is so very important that we all make our voices heard.  We must tell our local officials how we feel about the NTE Energy power plant proposal.  We voted for the elected officials who we wanted to represent us.  How can they accurately represent us unless we let them know how we feel? With that being said here are some of the contacts for our local and state officials.  Thank you in advance for helping to get the word out.  Now let’s make some phone calls!  If your not sure which district you are in you can refer to links listed below.

Town Council Members

Killingly Voting District Map – Click Here

David Griffiths  –  Chairman Councilor at Large

(860) 774-0321

Gail Oakley Pratt  –  Vice Chair Dist. 4 Councilor

(860) 779-0107

Joyce Ricci  –  District 1 Councilor

(860) 774-4648

Edward Grandelski  –  District 2 Councilor

(860) 774-6314

Adam Griffiths  –  District 3 Councilor

(860) 230-6186

Lynn LaBerge  –  District 5 Councilor

(860) 774-5364

Dennis Alemian  –  Councilor at Large

(860) 774-6123

Randy Duquette –  Councilor at Large

(860) 934-6344

Kevin Ide  –  Councilor at Large

(860) 774-2777


Town Manager

Sean Hendricks

(860) 779-5335


State Senator

Mae Flexer  –  Senate District 29

(860) 240-5237           email:


State Representatives

Find Who Your State Representative Is – Click Here

Daniel Rovero – House District 51

(860) 240-8585      email:

Anne Dauphinais – House District 44

(860) 240-8700     email:



  1. Before I “believe what I read”, I would like the credentials of the organization/person behind the information; and the source of the information itself. Could that be supplied?


    1. On behalf of NotAnotherPowerPlant.Com I would like to thank you for taking the time to review our website. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible and with as much information as possible on the effects that NTE’s proposed power plant in Killingly would have on our community. Having just started this site we are working to continually improve it and add information as time allows. We will gladly supply the sources for all of our information.
      The information we drew from on the Planned Power Plant page comes from information given out by NTE Energy at the Gold Eagle Restaurant meetings, GIS maps and general knowledge of the local area.
      The information we drew from for the Environmental Justice Information page comes from CT DEEP’s Environmental Justice website.
      For the Contact Your Local Officials page we drew from the Town of Killingly website and the Connecticut General Assembly website.
      Our News page was based on information from DEEP’s Environmental Justice website and from information obtained from the Killingly Town Clerk as well as the information NTE Energy has supplied (which is available on Killingly Energy Center’s website and also at the Killingly Town Hall and the Killingly Public Library).
      The Pollution page is based on the statistics supplied by NTE (Permit Application for Stationary Sources of Air Pollution – New Source Review -available on NTE Energy’s website (Killingly Energy Center)), information available on US EPA’s website and World Health Organization’s website.
      Our Health Risks page has been update with several links backing up how serious of a problem air pollution is.
      We ask you to continue watching at our website; very soon we will be posting information on the effects the power plant could have on our water supply, aquifers and Alexander Lake.
      Thank you for your interest in our site and more importantly our cause.


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