First I’d like to thank everyone who is working alongside those that would be negatively affected by the addition of yet another power plant being built in Killingly.  As I have heard said many times recently ‘Enough is Enough’.  Why does it seem that the residents of Killingly seem to keep getting dumped on by all these toxic pollution generating plants?  We already have not one but two fossil fuel burning power generating facilities in town and now they want to dump yet another one on us! This seems so unfair.  Thankfully EPA mandated a program called Environmental Justice.  In Connecticut DEEP handles environmental justice issues.  Keep in mind that Killingly is on the DEEP’s list of the top 25 most distressed town in Connecticut(Number 20 to be exact).

From DEEP’s website:

What is Environmental Justice?

Environmental Justice means that all people should be treated fairly under environmental laws regardless of race, ethnicity, culture or economic status. The Environmental Justice movement has emerged in response to a growing body of evidence nationally and statewide indicating that low income; racial and ethnic minority groups may be exposed to higher than average amounts of environmental pollution. Industrial air pollution, lead paint, disposal facilities, pesticides and contaminated fish are just a few examples…..

In light of these facts and because the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all residents, the Environmental Justices Program was created.

This is the link to the DEEP Environmental Justice Program homepage:


There is so much more information on DEEP’s website, please take some time to look over the information available, particularly the following sections:

Environmental Justice Communities
Environmental Justice Public Participation Fact Sheet   (PDF)
Environmental Justice Public Participation Plan  ( Word Version PDF Version )
The Environmental Justice Public Participation Guidelines   (PDF)
Permit Checklist   (PDF)
Permit Process Flowchart (PDF)  – (for those I mentioned the flow chart to Saturday morning, this is it)


Also the people to contact regarding the DEEP Environmental Justice Program are:

Edith Pestana, Administrator – (860) 424-3044                                     Email: edith.pestana@ct.gov
Doris Johnson, Outreach & Education Coordinator – (860) 424-3053     Email: doris.johnson@ct.gov