Parent Company: NTE Energy

NTE Energy states it was formed in 2009 however they only started developing new power plants in 2013 – they have NEVER completed construction of a power plant.  They have 2 currently under construction and do not own any operating power plants.[i]  The company misrepresents that they own and operate power plants.   How can we trust them to operate a 550MW plant in our area – or will they just sell it to the highest bidder?  NTE is simply a private equity funded company that will treat this plant as an asset to sell – taking their profits and moving on to the next project.

Air Pollution

Children are the most vulnerable to air pollution.  Air pollution has been linked to childhood asthma and autism[ii]. The close proximity to schools and a day care center are alarming.  The proposed plant is located within ¾ mile from the Killingly Intermediate School property, just over ¾ mile of the Goodyear Early Childhood, and just over 1 ½ miles from Killingly Central School and Killingly High School.  Average health risks to children due to exposure to power plant combustion wastes could be up to 10,000 times higher than EPA’s allowable risk levels for cancer and other illnesses.[iii]  Windham County has the highest child asthma rates in CT at 18.9% while the national child asthma rate is only 9.4%.[iv]  The amount of pollution / toxic gases created by this facility would be staggering.  Combined allowable air pollution from the proposed new power plant and the Lake Road Generating plant could bring an increase up to 388% per year in air pollution compared to the actual level being released from the Lake Road Generating.[v] Here are the projected amounts of a few of the pollutants & toxic gases that would be released as stated in NTE’s Technical Report for their proposed power plant:[vi]  The ones in bold require further analysis as they exceed the threshold review for a new major source.


CO2e  (Green House Gases)                                   1,990,311 TONS per year

H2SO4 (sulfuric acid mist)                                                8.8 TONS per year

NOX  (nitrogen oxides)                                                             138.6 TONS per year

SO2 (sulfur dioxide)                                                              25 TONS per year

CO (Carbon Monoxide)                                                  151.2 TONS per year

PM, PM10 & PM 2.5 (Total Particulate Matter)        305.7 TONS per year

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)                          49.2 TONS per year


Water Usage / Disposal

The plant would require up to 400,000 gallons of water per day when running on diesel. Per Connecticut Water the Killingly wells would not be able to support this.  Where will the water come from?  The plant will use up to 100,000 gallons per day when operating with gas.  A significant amount of water – will this limit future companies from locating in the in the Killingly Industrial Park that could provide real jobs?

Killingly sewer treatment plant is very out dated.  The town is already planning on spending $25 Million to upgrade our failing sewer system – what impact will this plant’s discharge really have on the community?  The plant would normally run on Natural Gas however they CAN OPERATE WITH DIESEL during certain times (up to 30 days per year) which will result in more air pollutants and more water to mitigate that use and more discharge to the sewer system!

Environmental Impacts

The proposed site in Killingly is a 70 acre heavily wooded site on Lake Road between a farm, land trust property and homes, the closest house is within 60 feet.  The cumulative environmental effects will be significant.  Between the air, water, noise and light pollution created by this plant there are many different ways the environment would be negatively impacted.  They have represented they will fill more than 10,000 square feet of wetlands.  The gas line required to service the plant requires a 2-mile extension and a crossing of the Quinebaug River.   The power plant could also impact our aquifers as well as local residents’ wells.  Some of the pollution created by this plant will also affect the local birds and other wildlife in the area.  We simply don’t know the full impact of this project as they have yet to submit the necessary reports to evaluate it either to the town or the neighbors.

Tax Revenue

The promise of significant tax revenues are still not defined and will be more empty promises! For those who hope this plant will help lower taxes – did your taxes go down when Lake Road Generating was built?
NO – they received tax abatements and are just now paying their fair share!

Please demand from our local officials that this project must receive an adequate review before it is rubber stamped and passed on the state agencies for review! Let your Killingly town officials know that you care about what happens in our town!











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