May 2, 2016

I have realized during our recent research that the health risks that are associated with the pollution caused by power plants are astonishing. One fact that repeatedly kept coming up was that pollution can affect children and the elderly much more severely than it affects most adults.  I have read article after article and study after study that shows just how toxic pollution really is. (, (  Have you ever wondered why conditions like asthma and autism seem so much more prevalent now?  With the increases in air pollution I’m not surprised that this is happening.  Research has shown that increased pollution plays a major role in this(

June 8, 2016

In addition to what we previously posted  we would like to pass along more information on the topic of health risks.  A recent study showed the national child asthma rate nationwide as 9.3%. While this may seem high what really disturbed us much more was seeing the child asthma rate in Windham county was 18.9% over twice what the national average was.  ( )

How much worse could this get from the staggering amount of pollution the NTE power plant would bring with it?  Can NTE truthfully answer that?  Would they want to?  We are still compiling information and resources regarding this topic and will be adding a lot more information on this soon.  Thank you for your interest and patience. NAPP