Following is a prewritten letter you can send to ask CTDEEP to help curb our problems with Childhood Asthma and Lung Cancer in Women before even considering the approval of something that could only make our problems worse.  You only need to fill in which towm you are from on the first line and then your name and address after the text.

Dear Edith Pestana:

As a resident of _______________ I am very concerned about several current health problems in our area.  If you are not aware, Windham County has the highest child asthma rate in Connecticut and our asthma rate is over twice the national average.[1]  Also, over the past 5 years Windham County had the highest rate of lung cancer among women in Connecticut.[2]

According to the CT DEEP Environmental Justice website, The Environmental Justice Program incorporates principles of environmental justice into aspects of the CTDEEP’s program development, policy making, and regulatory activities, including but not limited to: ….. identifying community health concerns in consultation with local and state departments of health.[3]  I would like to ask the DEEP EJ Program to conduct research in finding the root cause of both of these issues and to also come up with solutions that will reduce the rates of these health concerns in our area.

As stated by the US EPA, research has linked regulated air pollutants such as ozone and particulate matter (PM) to lung and heart disease and other health problems.[4] US EPA has also stated that breathing ozone can trigger a variety of health problems, particularly for children, the elderly, and people of all ages who have lung diseases such as asthma.[5] The EPA also notes that one of the links between asthma and air pollution sources studied by EPA researchers is: air pollution disproportionately affecting lower socioeconomic communities.

I ask you to research the cause of these health concerns of our community and identify solutions to start correcting them before you allow NTE Energy (Killingly Energy Center) or any other possible polluter to add pollutants to our air that could only make our health conditions worse.

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[1] (http://www.ct.gov/dph/lib/dph/hems/asthma/pdf/full_report_with_cover.pdf  – Table 3 page 35)  (http://www.cdc.gov/asthma/nhis/2012/table4-1.htm )



[4] https://www.epa.gov/air-research/research-health-and-environmental-effects-air-quality

[5] https://www.epa.gov/ozone-pollution