A Planning & Zoning meeting will be held tonight (August 15th) at the Killingly Town Hall at 7:00 pm. Regular rules apply so citizens can give a 3 minute comment during the time allotted (Which is normally limited to a total of 21 minutes). TRC, the town’s consultant, will be there to answer questions from the P & Z members. We would like to fill the room as we did for Inland Wetlands…so come out if you can…and thank you, in advance for your continued support!



Tuesday August 9th the Killingly Town Council allowed us to make a presentation to them in regards to the proposed power plant.  We are very grateful that our Town Council and town management allowed us to do this.  It is truly great that a ‘grassroots’ organization comprised of local citizens was able to present concerns to our Town Council, our Town Manager, as well as those citizens in attendance at the meeting and all the viewers at home courtesy of the local Channel 22 coverage.

A representative from Connecticut Water (the local water utility company) preceded our presentation at the meeting during what became a question and answer session.  We were impressed with all of the  very pertinent and well thought out questions the members of the Town Council asked Connecticut Water’s representative.  We realized that they share some of the same concerns that we have relating to the proposed water usage of up to nearly 1/2 million gallons of water per day.

While we would like to thank Ms. Johnson and Mr. Anderson for giving our presentation we must acknowledge all of those behind the scenes. So, we also thank all of the individuals who have worked so hard with their research, planning, and community outreach who helped make this presentation possible.  Additionally, we would like to thank each and everyone who has supported and joined us in our quest to protect the health and environment of not just our community but of those surrounding communities for generations to come.

In conclusion, it has been great to see our town government (Town Council, Town Manager, Inland Wetlands & Watercourses, and Planning & Zoning) as well as Senator Mae Flexor,  Representatives Daniel Rovero and Christine Randall so intensively active in pursuing the complete truth of all the possible current and future impacts / benefits a project of this magnitude would have on our community. Once again we would like to express how thankful we are to have been given this opportunity by the Town Council and others to have our voices heard.  We are blessed to have such a great group of individuals representing Killingly.



NTE Energy is planning to build a natural gas / diesel power plant in Killingly. They have proposed to build it on land between a farm, a protected land trust and private homes in an area that is zoned residential. The properties planned for this plant are within 3/4 mile from the Killingly Intermediate School property, just over 3/4 mile of the Goodyear Early Childhood, and just over 1 1/2 miles from Killingly Central School and Killingly High School. The properties are also just over 1/4 of a mile from Alexander’s Lake. With the existing Lake Road Generating power plant and Frito Lay’s own power plant a little over a mile from the proposed site we must ask ourselves some really great questions.

What benefit(s) would bringing another power plant into Killingly carry with it that would outweigh the negative effects of the plant?  What effect would the power plant have on the environment / wildlife?  How will the added pollution affect those living & working closest to it as well as all the other residents in Killingly and surrounding areas?  How will the pollution affect our children who attend school nearby?  Where will the hundreds of thousands of gallons of water they require come from?  Where will the waste water go?

Killingly’s sewer plant is very out-dated.  The town is already planning on spending $25 Million to upgrade our failing sewer system – a rotted board caused a recent spill at the sewer plant.  Other things we need to consider are how the power plant will affect our taxes.  The value of homes in the area will fall which will cost the town tax revenue.  This could cause the town to raise the tax rate forcing those in town not affected by lower property values to have to pay more taxes to make up for the lost revenue.  How much will the town have to spend in order for this project to be completed?

Another concern would be safety.  Considering what happened in Middletown, CT recently this power plant could bring with it unforeseen problems.  For those unaware, during construction of a natural gas power plant (similar to this proposed plant) there was a tremendous explosion which killed 6 people and injured 50 others.  The plant suffered substantial damage and dozens of homes in the area suffered structural damage from the blast which was reported to have been felt all the way to the southern Connecticut shoreline.  This leads me to ask an additional few important questions….. How much trust can we have in a company that has yet to complete any of their power plant projects?  Some of their actions thus far could lead one to believe that they are trying to deceive us- for example they blatantly lied in the hand outs at the May 4th meeting.  Another very valid question is WHY fossil fuels (which are a dying breed) and WHY not renewable energy?  How does NTE Energy come to the decision that making a profit themselves and their contractors (who most assuredly will be mostly from out of this area) is more important than our children’s and our own health and environment?

Contact Your Local & State Officials

It has been said that there is strength in numbers, and I completely agree. It is so very important that we all make our voices heard.  We must tell our local officials how we feel about the NTE Energy power plant proposal.  We voted for the elected officials who we wanted to represent us.  How can they accurately represent us unless we let them know how we feel? With that being said here are some of the contacts for our local and state officials.  Thank you in advance for helping to get the word out.  Now let’s make some phone calls!  Follow the link below for a list of State and Local Officials and thier contact information.

Contact Your Local & State Officials – CLICK HERE FOR LIST



I’d like to thank all those who came out to the meeting Wednesday night.  It was great to see the community coming together like we did.  I could tell that quite a few people had dedicated a lot of time and research investigating the plan for this power plant and what the negative impacts would be. Every question and concern I had was brought up whether by other concerned citizens or by myself. I hope to see us continuing to stand strong and united! We can’t back down about our concerns over the severely detrimental impact this plant will have on our town and residents.  I firmly believe that we can stop this power plant!