Attention all residents from Northeastern Connecticut, Northwestern Rhode Island and South Central Massachusetts

There are 2 very important meetings planned for October.

There is a Public Project Meeting regarding the Killingly Energy Center scheduled for October 19th @ 7pm.  This meeting will be held at Killingly High School (KHS) in the auditorium which is located at 226 Putnam Pike, Killingly, CT.  We are looking to fill the auditorium to show that many of the local and regional residents and business owners want to protect the air we breathe and our water supply which is becoming a more precious resource every day, not just for ourselves but for future generations. At this meeting, NTE will provide project information and respond to questions from the community about the power generating facility proposed to be built on Lake Road
in Killingly, Connecticut.  Everyone from Killingly and surrounding towns is encouraged to attend and participate at this meeting.  We will be present to express some of the many concerns we have.  NTE has left many questions unanswered, hopefully they will be able to answer all the questions presented to them.

 There is a Connecticut Siting Council Public Comment Hearing Session on October 20th @ 6:30pm (sign up to speak starts at 6:00pm). This will also be held in the KHS auditorium. Everyone from Killingly and surrounding towns is encouraged to attend and participate at this meeting also. This is your opportunity to express concerns you have about this proposed project to the Siting Council.  Without the Siting Council’s approval this project CAN NOT go forward!  Information regarding participation for this meeting can be found here: CITIZENS GUIDE TO SITING COUNCIL PROCEDURES. For those who want to speak at this meeting the section titled “Limited Appearance Statements” in the above link describes this procedure.

We encourage you to become involved with your fellow community members, speak out and stand up for yourselves and also for our community.  We cannot just allow companies to smother us with their pollution so they can make a profit while we suffer from the many negative impacts that this project can and will cause.  PLEASE STAND UP, SPEAK OUT & BE HEARD!  We look forward to seeing you at these meetings!

We would like to thank all of our members for their hard work.  We would also like to thank all of our supporters and anyone who is willing to stand with us and help to support this movement to protect not just our community but all of the surrounding communities that would be impacted by this power plant. This is a regional problem not just a Killingly problem.  We encourage those who have not yet gotten involved to do so while you can still make a difference. We need your help and support to stop this project from being able to negatively impact every member of our community and those around us.

Thank You,  NAPP